$300 Intro ArtBox

$300 Intro ArtBox

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- A set of earrings from jeweler Nikki Dechent

- A hooded scarf from fashion designer Stephanie Victa

- Four 8x10 limited edition, signed and numbered giclee prints from artists   Greg Gandy, Emily Cope, Leslie Jorgensen, and Angela Craven

The work displayed here is representative of each artists work and is not exactly what you will receive in your box.  The artists will begin creating work specifically for this inaugural box once the sale of boxes has closed.

Our artists need time to do what they do best, so your ArtBox will be ready for pick up on Saturday, December 8 from 6–9pm at the RiNo Made Store in Zeppelin Station (3501 Wazee Street, Suite 109, Denver, CO 80216).

Once we receive your order, we’ll verify it and send you updates on the artwork and pick-up event.

We don’t ship Collectors ArtBoxes because we want people to have the chance to meet the artists; however, if you can’t attend the event, let us know in your order form who will pick it up for you by proxy. Please email collectorsartbox@gmail.com if you have other requests

**By purchasing this item you are agreeing to the following statement

Collectors ArtBox is transferring ownership only of the physical artwork to the Patron. Patron agrees and acknowledges that the individual Artist owns all copyrights and other intellectual property in the Collectors ArtBox, and Artist will continue to own all copyrights and other intellectual property in the Collector ArtBox even if Patron sells or gives the artwork to someone else. Patron agrees the Collectors ArtBox was not created as a work made for hire under the U.S. Copyright Act. This means Patron does not have the right to print or sell copies of the artwork.